Training Designs (Solved)



4) Training Designs - 120 points (60 points each)

Goal:  To have the experience of designing a training program that has several components.

Students will design a package of TWO (1 hour) training designs for a local non-profit organization or Temple Student Activities Group or Leadership Program.  Each Training design will be worth 60 points each, with one of your training designs being taught face-to-face to a client and their participants.   The second training design will be made for online learners and recorded by you.

Training programs will be designed to meet the learning objectives identified by a pre-conducted needs assessment with a client.  Students must include in the training design a media component, a powerpoint presentation, an informational handout (for in person trainings) and an evaluation to be utilized to assess the impact of the designed workshops.  A transfer of learning plan must also be included.  The in-person training design requires that you give out and collect an evaluation for your learners and client to fill out in order to gain feedback.  You will need to hand in your powerpoint presentation and copies of handouts to receive full credit.

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