Unofficial Symbols, Part Deux

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Topic 1- Unofficial Symbols, Part Deux: Last week, I asked you about the unofficial symbols police officers use to establish their time on the department. The most common version that I have seen is a Sam Browne belt and related equipment that shows wear and tear. Veteran officers, even with 20+ years, will still use the equipment they were initially issued when they graduated the police academy, even though the equipment is worn, ragged and falling apart. Why do you think this is so important? Remember that a worn holster can be a serious safety risk. Why would an officer potentially risk danger in an effort to show they are a veteran? Search the web and find two other examples of police use of unofficial symbols. Be sure to cite to the website using APA citation style.

 Explain what they symbol was intended to mean. Is this an appropriate message for a police department to convey? Did you notice any trends in the results of your research? Note: Unofficial Symbols do not include those of labor unions. The symbols your are looking for are those that are adopted by individuals, groups or organizations that are outside of the "official channels" of a police department. Here is an example, which you may not use in your post: Topic- Show me the MONEY!: Police agencies have two big expenses. personnel and the vehicle fleet. By far, personnel is the single largest expense. The agency has to pay for things like salary, medical insurance, uniforms, equipment, training. And this does not count things that might have been negotiated in the union contract, like employee counseling, uniform allowances for maintenance and others. For the fleet, imagine an agency with 900-1000 vehicles that go an average of 30.000 miles per year and must stay in top shape. These vehicles will need brakes, tires, oil changes and crash damage repaired.

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