Update your network diagram to include fault tolerance within the infrastructure. You may need to include additional routers and Layer 3 switches in order to fully implement the plan. Add VLANs and subnet range/subnet IDs or custom subnet masks.

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Part 1:

Update your network diagram to include fault tolerance within the infrastructure. You may need to include additional routers and Layer 3 switches in order to fully implement the plan. Add VLANs and  subnet range/subnet IDs or custom subnet masks.

Part 2:

Reproduce your network infrastructure using Cisco Packet Tracer. Based upon your company's needs, you may need to implement VLAN trunking in order to maintain high levels of security and efficiency.

Refer to the instructor for submission requirements.


Part 3:

Use all of the assignments from the Corporate Infrastructure topics to create a comprehensive proposal and training document for your company. You will need to include the following items within your proposal.

1.     Recommended infrastructure and technology requirements, with justifications for your decisions

2.     Your final network diagram

3.     Final configurations for each switch and router

4.     Cost analysis (include rough numbers for all networking devices, along with installation/labor hours at $50 per hour)

5.     Work breakdown structure

6.     Risk analysis that details risk levels and impact information.

7.     Research and document at least 3 professional cyber security organizations either government or industry that partner with private organizations to increase security awareness.  Why did you select these organizations to partner with your company? How can they help develop training programs? 



Week 7 Assignments Guide and Expectations

Corporate Infrastructure Part VII: Fault Tolerance

This is an update of week 5 Part V Infrastructure diagram. The objective is to create multiple pathways through which some critical systems can be reached. If for example, the router that connects your corporate office to the internet or the switch your server(s) is connected to fails, your updated diagram should show additional/alternate devices and pathways through which they can be accessible.

You do not have to provide redundancies in every segment of the infrastructure. Focus on those you believe are very critical to the entire network 

An example of fault tolerance implementation is STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) discussed in chapter 10 of your textbook 


Corporate Infrastructure Part VIII: Cisco Packet Tracer

This is an update of week 4 Cisco Packet Tracer simulation, with at least two switches, two VLANS and four end devices that demonstrate VLAN and VLAN Trunking. Clearly identify the configured switches, end devices and VLANs 

The first five videos of the following tutorial series will show you how:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLndqfxA_9SWFvDrh7e_5gmn7oNTcgPK23

If you'd like to configure a router to interconnect VLANs, go through this tutorial:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojh8_BDcXyI


Corporate Infrastructure Final Proposal

Your final proposal is NOT a PowerPoint presentation but more like a research paper

•  It should be for (and about) the company you chose in week 3

•  You will be including contents from some of your previous Network Infrastructure assignments

•  It should be written from the perspective of a LAN team that will be responsible for updating the company’s current network infrastructure

•  Make and justify assumptions if/when necessary

Be sure to include a Table of Contents and subheadings that CLEARLY identifies the 7 sections listed in the assignment description.

Here are two sample templates: 



Note: These are just examples, yours should include the 7 items/sections. You may have to research on some of them such as “Work breakdown structure” from a project management perspective and “Risk analysis/assessment”

This assignment is worth 80 points, higher than any other assignments in the course.

Rule of thumb: If it's less than 1500 words, it may need more work. 

PLEASE GO THROUGH THE RUBRICIt will give you an insight into the type and quality of information required


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