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Final Paper
For The Final Paper Use, The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) As The Main Organization To Critically Analyze And Provide Suggested Improvements Steps/Actions Based On What You Have Learned In This Course To Help The Company Achieve Performance Excellence. Use The Xerox Case Study That Can Be Found In The Textbook As A Sample. Also, Refer To The Healthcare’s Horizon Article Found Through: 
Please Create A Critical Analysis Through Answering The Following:
The Total Quality Management Methodologies Or Practices That The Organization Uses Or Plans To Use To Align Performance Excellence With Its Business Objectives,
Knowledge Of Total Quality Management Marketing That Focuses On Meeting Customers’ Needs And Practices To Help Build A Customer-Focused Culture. 
Evaluate Techniques To Enhance Design Of Work Processes, Process Control, And Process Improvement, 
Examine Tools And Techniques That Support Six Sigma Philosophy, Quality In Product Design, Process Design, And/Or Statistical Process Control (SPC) For Monitoring Either The Company’s Service Processes. Illustrate By Using At Least Two Relevant Charts Or Figures In Describing The Tools And Techniques.   
Writing The Final Paper
The Final Paper:
Submit The Assignment As An MS Word Document. 
Must Be 2,400 – 3,500 Words (Excluding Title Page And References Page) In Length, Double-Spaced And Formatted According To APA Style As Outlined In The Ashford Writing Center. Contextual (Level One) Headings Must Be Used To Organize Your Paper And Your Thoughts. Must Include A Title Page With The Following: 
Title Of Paper
Student’s Name
Course Name And Number
Instructor’s Name
Date Submitted
Must Address The Topic Of The Paper With Critical Thought.
Must Utilize At Least Four Scholarly And/Or Peer-Reviewed Source From The Ashford Library In Addition To The Textbook.
Must Document All Sources In APA Style, As Outlined In The Ashford Writing Center.
Must Include A Separate Reference Page, Formatted According To APA Style As Outlined In The Ashford Writing Center.

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