Social Media in Agriculture Business



Assignment 4: Formal Report

Social media is a critical communication function in modern business environments. Your formal report

will require research of an agri-business of your choosing, as well as multiple social media platforms.

 3-page formal report (see textbook pp. 280 - 292) plus prefatory parts (title page, letter of transmittal,

table of contents, list of figures and executive summary) and supplementary parts (footnotes, works

cited, and appendixes). Demonstrate thorough research and understanding of audience and purpose.

Provide three well-analyzed recommendations.


1. Choose the following agri-businesses: Douglas Lake Ranch

2. Your chosen agri-business would like to improve the recognition of their products with their target

social media audience.

3. Research your business and identify their target social media audience.

4. Choose three social media platforms (excluding website) to examine as options for the business’

improved social media communications focus.

5. Make three recommendations to the business for improving their social media communications.

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