W4 Discussion “Buying A New Pair Of Shoes”



W4 Discussion “Buying a New Pair of Shoes”

Buying a New Pair of Shoes

You buy a new pair of shoes on sale. The printed receipt states very clearly that the shoes are not returnable. After you get them home, you wear the shoes around the house for a day and decide that they just don’t fit you correctly. So you take the shoes back to the store. You start to yell angrily about the store’s poor quality service so that people in the store start to stare. The clerk calls the store manager; after some discussion, the managers agrees to give your money back.

  • Is this ethical? 
  • Provide an explanation and justification for your decision to return the shoes, and why your tactic was necessary. (See some examples of justifications on pages 131 – 132).

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