Why are information systems such as a strong component of a business today



Answer the following Questions:

1. What should you consider before writing any message, and is there a difference to be

considered when delivering either a good, bad, or a neutral message?

2. Why are information systems such a strong component of a business today?

3. How best convey your thoughts to any audience especially if you don’t know them?

4. What is the internet and what is the Web? Why do you love them so much?

5. What steps would you use in a writing process that are crucial for you to get your point across to

an audience?

6. Why are databases the basis of businesses today?

7. When delivering a message does it matter which medium you use to convey that message?

8. What is a systems thinker and why should you consider being one or are you now?

9. What are the keys/impact words in a resume or elevator speech you want the reader to see or

hear immediately?

10. What do you need to understand about yourself in order for you to be a success?

Each question is worth 10 points so each value element within each question is worth 2 points. The

maximum possible is a total of 100 points.

The format of this essay style is simple:

Give me a concise statement responding to each question. DO NOT RESTATE THE QUESTION. This must

be a statement by you, given your understanding of the question. It should be around three sentences

or more, and should not be from the text. It is your thoughts on the question! Give me at least three

bullet points to back up your statement, these can be simple phrases or sentences, but no more than a

paragraph, single words will not receive full credit.

 Then give me a conclusion about the question and

your response. This should also be several sentences and not copied from the text but your own words.

This means that each question has five (5) value propositions and is worth so many points that the

combination of questions and value points per question equal 100. So it should be easy to calculate

whether or not you achieved success at answering the question. Giving me all the value proposition

points does not guarantee full credit! If you give me garbage you can expect an appropriate grade for

garbage. If you give me direct quotes from the text expect minimal to zero points! I want you to show

me you understand the material and not just able to vomit it back to me. As with all grading there is a

level of subjectivity to it.

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