Describe the organizing function within a business organization



I need help with this Essay Assignment. It's Lesson 7 Essay assignment and it's for MGT175 class (ORGB textbook or Business Organization and MGT). I will attach a document with the instructions for the essay. Your essay must include an introduction, body, and conclusion, and address all questions. Use references to the textbook or other resources as necessary to support your essay. Make sure to cite any references you use. Proper citation format for a reference includes the name of the author(s), the title of the work, the date of the publication, and the page number.

Here are the questions to the Essay Lesson 7 (I also attached a study guide that has more instructions to it and it will also have the same Essay Questions at the end on the attachment)...

Essay: Smart Phones

Imagine you are the manager of a call center at a company and have been tasked with developing a plan to use smartphones to generate business. How might you go about writing that plan? What resources would you need? What kind of training would you need to give the call center staff? Be as specific as possible.

Lesson 7

Interpersonal Behavior: Communication

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Introduction: Connecting Your Learning

This lesson discusses the interpersonal and technological dimensions of communication in

organizations. Communication is a skill that people can improve through reflective listening.

Many researchers feel that a manager cannot be an effective leader without having good

communication skills. A variety of factors affect communication effectiveness, some of which

may be out of your control.

You must understand the dynamics of communication so that people can hear and comprehend

you in the workplace. This lesson presents five keys to effective supervisory communication

along with five barriers to communication. Finally, the textbook chapter discusses defensive and

nondefensive communication, nonverbal communication, and the latest technologies for

information management in organizations.

" Communication--the human connection--is the key to personal and career success."

Paul J. Meyer

Readings, Resources, and Assignments

Required Textbook Readings Chapter 8: "Communication"

Multimedia Resources Coursemate site

Required Assignments Essay

Check Prior Knowledge

How much do you already know about the concepts you will cover in this lesson? The following

activities will focus your attention on the information in the lesson. You are strongly encouraged

to complete this section, although you are not required to submit the responses to your instructor.

Log into the textbook Coursemate Web site to see how much you already know about the

lesson content by playing Beat the Clock under the Games link for Chapter 8.

Are You an Active Listener?

Successful communication begins with active listening, really listening, which is what your

textbook calls reflective listening. Reflective listening is a skill that you can practice and learn.

Here are some tips to help you become a better listener:

1. Stop talking. You cannot listen if your mouth is moving.

2. Put the speaker at ease. Break the ice to help the speaker relax. Smile!

3. Show the speaker you want to listen. Put away your work. Do not look at your watch.

Maintain good eye contact.

4. Remove distractions. Close your door. Do not answer the telephone.

5. Empathize with the speaker. Put yourself in the speaker's shoes.

6. Be patient. Not everyone delivers messages at the same pace.

7. Hold your temper. Do not fly off the handle.

8. Go easy on the criticism. Criticizing the speaker can stifle communication.

9. Ask questions. Paraphrase and clarify the speaker's message.

10. Stop talking. By this stage, you are probably very tempted to start talking but do not. Be

sure the speaker has finished.

Think of the last time you had a difficult communication issue with someone at work or school.

Evaluate yourself in that situation against each of the items above. Which one(s) do you need to

improve on the most? Source: ORGB Instructor Manual, Chapter 8, page 28

Focusing Your Learning

Official Course Competencies

  •  Describe the manager's responsibility to the business organization.
  •  Describe the organizing function within a business organization.
  •  Describe the planning and decision-making processes in management.

Lesson Objectives

By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

1. Explain the interpersonal communication process and describe the role of listening in the


2. Describe the five communication skills of effective supervisors.

3. Identify five communication barriers and gateways through them.

4. Distinguish between civility and incivility, and between defensive and nondefensive


5. Explain the impact of nonverbal communication.

6. Identify how new communication technologies and social media affect the

communication process.

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