We consider a database that includes the price of 37 refrigerators.



1 Instructions 
Please follow the instructions below 
ˆ Use the data set in the Excel file (Refrigerator.xlc). 
ˆ The project can be done in groups of maximum of two students. 
ˆ Provide all your answers in an Excel file and send it by email. 
ˆ Due Thursday, May 21, 2019. 
ˆ Late submissions are not allowed. 

2 Data description 
We consider a database that includes the price of 37 refrigerators. Define Y k to be a variable that represents the price each of the 37 refrigerators for years k = 2019 and k = 2018. For each refrigerators we provide some other variables: 
ˆ Ecost X1: Average amount of money spent per year to operate the refrigerator 
ˆ RSIZE X2 : Size of the refrigerator in cubic feet 
ˆ FSIZE X3: Size of the freezer compartment in cubic feet 
ˆ SHELVES X4: Number of shelves in refrigerator and freezer doors 
ˆ SSQFT X5: Amount of shelf space, measured in square feet 
ˆ FEATURES X6: Number of features.

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