Population Health Outcomes: Interpreting Results for Better Science



SPSS Assignment #4: Correlations & ANOVAs


Lab Assignment

Population Health Outcomes: Interpreting Results for Better Science

During this module, we have focused on the importance of understanding populations and the factors affecting that population – from cultural to health disparities – to improve health outcomes. We have also highlighted the importance of data in guiding your approach.  We have talked about the theoretical constructs and practiced doing calculations by hand.  Now, it is time to go deeper into the data and to practice analyzing actual datasets.


You will continue to use the BRFSS dataset to answer the questions in this assignment.

In order to receive full credit for this assignment, the following steps need to be completed:

1.      Download this Word document.

2.      Answer the questions in the space provided.

3.      Paste the SPSS syntax for your assignment at the next to last page in the space provided.

4.      Paste the Exported SPSS output at the end of the document in the space provided.

5.      Change the filename to “Lastname_FirstInitial_SPSS6.docx” and upload the single file into Canvas.

Please read instructions to each section carefully to understand what type of response you should be giving. This should illustrate that you completed the work yourself and using SPSS. Though you may be able to answer the questions using other software (Excel, SAS, etc.), answers through this medium will not be accepted.

Note: Your variables should display the appropriate labels for the values in your output, which was done in SPSS Lab 1.

Part A: Correlations

The questions for this part of the assignment will focus on using Correlations. Provide the results of your analysis and interpretation as would be written in a professional paper (Hint: see your SPSS book for how to do this). Your text should at least present:

·         Information about the strength of the relationship between the variables.

·         Information about the direction of the relationship between the variables.

Syntax and Output should be put in the appropriate sections at the end of this document.

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