Collect data and summarize descriptive statistics for the outbreak, including charts and graphs.



Conduct a mock population/public health outbreak investigation?

1.Power-point Presentation 20 slides - 

Conduct a mock population/public health outbreak investigation (topics= choose one;  Chicken Pox outbreaks,  MRSA outbreaks, Community acquired -pneumonia outbreaks, food borne outbreaks, or ventilator acquired pneumonia.). Can you help with that?

Here are the instructions

Your final presentation should be around 20 slides, using the following as the guidelines:

  • Include a title slide.
  • Write a case definition for the epidemiologic investigation.
  • Collect data and summarize descriptive statistics for the outbreak, including charts and graphs.
  • Insert a copy of your data collection/surveillance tool in a PowerPoint slide and describe how the tool was used for descriptive epidemiology.
  • Calculate and explain measures of risk from surveillance data and exhibit the calculations and results.
  • Establish alpha-level.
  • Formulate the H0 and H1 appropriately for the type of statistical analysis determined.
  • Select and conduct appropriate statistical analysis for the H0 and H1 from surveillance data/intervention(s) determined.
  • Report alpha-level, confidence interval(s), p-value (s), Cronbach alpha (if applicable) and acceptance or rejection of the H0. Include assumptions for the appropriate statistical analysis test.
  • Summarize the outcome of the analysis and include any recommendations, supported by evidence.
  • Include around 20 slides with notes using PowerPoint notes view feature for each slide.
  • Include a references slide with a minimum of three recent references (less than 3 years old).
  • Use APA formatting.

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