We have covered a good deal of information regarding methodology



We have covered a good deal of information regarding methodology. Why (when) would the rigor of a methodology be useful? Select one step in the Logical Data Model from the Connolly text that you feel would “always” be useful and explain why? A web search for relevant articles and information could be employed to assist you in your response. Your response should be a reply to the original message. Initial Response 1) Your submission should be a paragraph responding to the DBMS related question. Your input will include supporting sentences using the terms, concepts, and theories with the page number or website from the required readings or other material. 2) Each initial response should be a courteous paragraph of at least 250-300 words containing a topic sentence with good supporting sentences. 3) Make sure that you upload your Forum post by Wednesday, to give the opportunity to other students to review your material 4) Provide clear citations and references in APA style

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