WEB CRITIQUE Introduction

computer science


Assignment Description

Your first task is to find 2 contemporary websites with similar objectives or themes (e.g. news,

retail, social media) that are actively maintained with content. One chosen website should be well

designed and one should be poorly designed. Your assignment is to compare and contrast the

design of the 2 websites using at least 3 criteria from the list below:

  •  Navigation
  •  Search
  •  Visual effects (color scheme, typography, page layout)
  •  Website layout/access to different web pages on the website
  •  Page download speed
  •  Site consistency
  •  Content and professionalism
  •  Responsive Web Design (rendering of content on a range of device form factors)

You need to describe what best development practices for the chosen criteria are and explain how

the chosen websites satisfy/violate these practices. Insert screenshots of the relevant web pages to

illustrate your point, ideally side by side for the 2 websites. Finally, recommend improvements for

the poorly designed website based on your observation and what you have learned in

BN102/BN102D. You may sketch the suggested modifications, show updated HTML/CSS code

and/or provide a verbal description of suggested improvements as appropriate.

This task requires extensive research on web design beyond the content of lectures in this unit.

List and cite references which you use to discover good web design practices. You should not use

statements like “I did not like...” as you are not an expert on web design. Your statements should be

similar to the following:

“The accepted practice is to ... This website violates this practice because ...”

Please write an academic report of approximately 1000 words. Ensure you understand the marking

criteria and your report meet these criteria.

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