Web Interface Database Programming (Requires Database Interaction and the Scripting Engine): Must be able to demonstrate database interaction with client requests.

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Following are the parts of one project, they are just divided into parts but should be under one whole project. I have attached a sample for this project which is about art distributor database. Please follow the same structure but with different idea. I will really appreciate if you can make this project with an university student database.


Project Part 1:

E/R Diagram: 
E/R Diagram, Relationship, Keys, cardinality, participation


Project Part 2:
Submit ER Diagram:

Conversion to Relations
Relations:   ALL the Relation names with key underlined
Primary Keys:   All the Primary keys based on relations
Foreign Keys:    All the Foreign keys based on relations
Functional Dependencies:  All the FD from the relations
NORMAL FORM:   Normalization Judgments based on the above information

Project Part 3:


1.      Show all the created table queries and one table must have foreign key referencing

2.      At least one insert query  per table

3.      At least one update query  per table

4.      At least one delete query  per table

Example: If you have 3 tables you will have 1 insert and 1 update and 1delete query per table which will total to 9 queries.

 Project Part 4:


1.      All tables should have at least one select statement

2.      One statement on counting rows

3.      One statement with more than one table selected with foreign key referencing

4.      One statement using order by/group by

5.      One Join Query between two tables

6.      One subquery


Project Part 5:
Web Interface Database Programming (Requires Database Interaction and the Scripting Engine): Must be able to demonstrate database interaction with client requests.



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