Web Programming – Programming Assignment

computer science


CIS 217 – Web Programming – Programming Assignment

HTML Forms and JavaScript


The purpose of this assignment is to develop and understanding of JavaScript

and how it can be used to generate the markup for a webpage.  The student

will explore the manner in which JS is encapsulated and placed within web

markup along with the introductory concepts of JavaScript programming.


Review the W3 Schools website on working with form objects on a webpage


 HTML Forms

 HTML Form Elements

 HTML Form Types

 HTML Input Attributes

Review the W3 Schools website JavaScript example on the following topics


 JS Home

 JS Introduction

 JS Where To

 JS Output

 JS Syntax

 JS Statements

 JS Comments

 JS Variables

 JS Operators

 JS Arithmetic

 JS Assignment

Once you have a working understanding of the concepts reviewed in these

examples, construct an HTML page that contains a single form.  Capture input

from all of the standard form input widgets reviewed in " HTML Form

Elements".  The type of data you capture at this point is not important at

this point and can just be nonsense numbers/strings you select/type.

 Capture the data from the form and pass it to a simple JavaScript that

displays the results from the form selections in a response page in the

browser.  You do not have to spend as much time on dressing up the output,

but it should be legible and intuitive.  You may place the JavaScript

anywhere you want at this point (inline, header, or external).


This assignment will be assessed based on the provided grading rubric.

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