You have been hired as an Infrastructure Architect by Optinet Ltd which is specialized in providing IT equipment (software & Hardware) and maintenance.

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MODULE TITLE:     Computing Infrastructure


You have been hired as an Infrastructure Architect by Optinet Ltd which is specialized in providing IT equipment (software & Hardware) and maintenance. Your roles and responsibilities include the following:

§  to analyze existing systems to ensure they offer adequate security and are effectively meeting the needs of the organization.

§  to coordinate with all areas of the organization to see that the system is working as optimally as it should.

§  to analyze business requirements to identify where possible to integrate new hardware, operating systems, or connectivity solutions.

With the expansion, Optinet has secured a new office in the north of England (Liverpool), and you have been approach by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) to write a technology proposal in the form of a report that will outline computing infrastructure options to support the digital services provided by your company to its newly acquired location.


Some details about the firm:

·         business processes are digitally supported; therefore, high availability and operational performance is essential for the firm's operations

·         security is crucial since sensitive clients’ medical information is stored for remote consultancies

·         a Data Centre is situated at the main site in London

·         thirty (30) consulting executives will staff the new site in Liverpool; however, there is currently no technological infrastructure in place and will have to be procured


Produce a 3000-word report (+10% and -10% tolerances are acceptable).

The report should detail and justify the proposed systems’ hardware and software, including related features to support the firm’s digital services. Furthermore, a reasonable networking strategy should be included with details of principles and protocols to support digital services. A network diagram must be included and discussed in this section.

·         It is expected that you will make your own assumptions due to the lack of specificity in the scenario; however, all assumptions should be reasonable and explicitly stated in your report.

·         A thorough discussion of alternative solutions and models including justification of your chosen strategy should be included.

Formatting requirements

·         Harvard referencing format must be used to credit secondary research sources. In-text citations should be included within your discussion (where relevant) using the author-date format and full reference details should be included in your bibliography.

·         Diagrams should be captioned and discussed in the body of your report.

·         A table of contents should be included

·         Page numbers should be inserted in the center of the footer.

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