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I need help with creating a website using HTML code. The website needs to be 5 working pages. I have attached 3 milestone each are labeled as well as the final rubric. (please follow the final rubric) The milestones 1-3 each give descriptions of what type of website to create. While I know that this is going to be very time consuming, I would like the person who decides to help, have free freedom on creating what they deem on this. ( for instance The name of the company, and information about  the creation of the company). The program I will be using is AlterVista, The website needs to be of full use, so I need it to be able to  bounce from different pages, the search function needs to work and everything else that on it as well. I am willing to pay very handsomely and leave a good tip as well for help on this.

Please don't hesitate to reach out for questions

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