What are the 2 limitations on any claim of rights &/or liberties? Give examples to illustrate the limitations.





1) What are the 2 limitations on any claim of rights &/or liberties?  Give examples to illustrate the limitations.



2) Briefly describe at least one strength and also at least one weakness of Universal Human Rights approaches, such as embodied in UN Declarations.



3) Some versions of justice must assume starting from a "level playing field", or they will merely reinforce existing injustices.  Define and give examples of the Natural Lottery and Social Lottery, and briefly explain how they relate to distributive justice.



4) Self-care prompt:  Laughter really is amazing medicine!  Identify at least one thing that makes you laugh out loud (something that made you laugh recently, or something that you turn to for a good laugh when you need one).



5) Describe one criticism of virtue theories.  How serious a problem do you think this criticism poses for virtue theory?



6) Give an example of a virtue and the extremes it lies between. Which extreme is closer to the virtue, and which is the vice?  Give examples that illustrate the virtue and ways that someone might miss the mark.



7) In your own words, explain the difference between the Ethic of Care and "top down" theories we have discussed earlier in the term.  What does an ethic of care offer that may address criticisms of some of the more abstract theories?  

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