What business problem does this project solve



Project Proposal Form

Date: March 10, 2017

Project Manager: Holly Dorsey

Name of Project: United States’ Army Reserves Soldiers Deployment Cycle

Project Sponsor: Department of Defense and United States Army Reserve

Project Classification:

___✔___Compliance __✔_ Infrastructure __✔_Strategic

What business problem does this project solve?

United States Army Reserve Soldiers Deployment Cycle project will provide services dedicated towards

maintaining the readiness of soldiers, their families, and the veteran community as a whole during

contingency operations. This project will offer unit commanders with the competencies necessary to

maintain unit and family resiliency as well as the resources to encourage self-sufficiency amongst its

Family Readiness Group Members by providing information, referral assistance and mutual support

during deployment periods.

How does this project align with our organizational strategy and support our mission and vision?

The project will be offering welfare services such as training and counselling thereby supporting the

mission and vision, which are about offering a network of supportive services for soldiers and their

families during deployment periods.

What are the major deliverables of the project?

The major deliverables of the project include army morale, welfare, and recreation, legal assistance

services, deployment services, child and youth services, relocation assistance services, and family

advocacy services one the deployment cycle begins.

What is the impact of not doing the project?

The impact of not doing the project include poor support services to soldiers and their families, which can

adversely affect their welfare and morale as well as organizational reputation.

What are the 3 major risks for this project?

The three major risks for this project include insufficient resources, lack of executive support, and poorly

defined requirements and goals, and poor communication.

How is success of the project measured?

Critical success measures will include Return on Investment (ROI), project budget performance, cost of

quality, project customer satisfaction, project risk management, and project schedule performance.

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