Business Ethical Issues.



Assignment 1

Ethical Issues

For the following testing scenario, identify specific ethical considerations or potential

violations committed by Dr. Jefferson as discussed in your textbook and course manual. From

an ethical perspective, please consider what Dr. Jefferson has done well and what she could

have done differently. If there is a violation of the Canadian Psychological Ethical

Guidelines for Psychologists, provide recommendations for a more ethical practice (i.e., what

advice would you give to Dr. Jefferson?)

Dr. Jefferson lives and practices psychology in a rural area. She has been a registered

psychologist for 5 years (Ph.D. in Child Psychology) and her area of specialization is

anxiety disorders and depression. She began to provide psychotherapy to Mr. Giles, a 42-

year-old, who was dealing with depression. After three sessions, Mr. Giles suffered a

significant head injury while at work. His impairment is noticeable by Dr. Jefferson without

any type of testing, although she administers the Halstead-Reitan Neuropsychological

Battery, just in case.

Mr. Giles’s co-worker, Cynthia, helped him find an attorney so that his rights are protected,

especially since the incident occurred at work. Dr. Jefferson had Mr. Giles sign a release

to talk with the attorney as well as Cynthia. From a phone call with the attorney, WSIB

(Workers Compensation) wants to work out a settlement, but the attorney has little

understanding regarding Mr. Giles’ level of impairment.

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