What changes can I make to Model.java, TextView.java and Controller.java?

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What changes can I make to Model.java, TextView.java and Controller.java? 

These are the classes you are supposed to implement and change. As long as you use them for their intended purposes (see last section of this document for more details on the MVC pattern), you can do as you like with them. Note though, that the code I have provided is from my example solution. The provided code snippets are not always in the correct place or in the correct order, but they hint at the overall program design and shows how the classes are supposed to interact. Essentially, you are being given a good design/structure for free. To get the marks you only have to follow it. 

What changes can I make to InputUtil.java? 

You must use this class to get user input. It may not be the best or most efficient way, but that is not the point of this assignment. If you really want to, you can re-implement the body of the provided methods (without changing their signature) but you will get no extra credit for doing so. Hint: If you are thinking of moving any kind of logic into this class, you are probably heading towards a bad design. 

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