What is a primary Actor in a Use-Case? How is it drawn in the diagram

computer science


1) What is a primary Actor in a Use-Case? How is it drawn in the diagram? How

is that same actor represented in the DFD diagram?

2) What is the relationship between level 0 and level 1 DFD diagrams? [2 points]

Cite steps in Building DFDs hierarchy: [3 points]

3) Suppose you are in the process of drawing the DFDs, and you have found that

one of your Level 1 DFD describing a process in level 0, has more than 8 sub-

processes. What does that indicate? And How do you fix it?

4) Read the following case study description and answer the questions given


Consider a system for buying a new car. The customer should inspect the

vehicle and chose the type, the color and the desired characteristic. If the

customer finds his suitable vehicle, he gives his personal information to the

vendor, then signs a sales contract. Before the final sale contract is delivered

to the customer, the payment must be collected. At the end the transaction

details must be recorded by the vendor.

a) Write a Use Case “Buy a new Car” by filling in the specific template.

[8 points]

b) Draw a use case diagram for describing the functional requirements of the

above system. [7 points]

5) Perfect Pizza wants to install a system to record orders for pizza and chicken

wings. When regular customers call Perfect Pizza on the phone, their phone

number goes automatically into the Pizza system. Also the name, address,

and other customer information come automatically up on the screen. Once

the order is taken, it is given to the cook. A receipt is printed. Weekly totals

and statistics are kept for comparison with the management department.

Question: Draw a context level diagram for PERFECT PIZZA

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