What is IT Governance? IT governance is used to understand the business policy and allocate the technology tactic with business policy. IT governance can be described as a set of processes that guarantees the valuable and proficient utilization of IT in e

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What is IT Governance? IT governance is used to understand the business policy and allocate the technology tactic with business policy. IT governance can be described as a set of processes that guarantees the valuable and proficient utilization of IT in enabling an organization to accomplish its objectives. It governance is used to assign responsibilities and authorities to the IT group. Also IT governance is used to establish multi-way communication among individuals for their growth. IT governance can be described from the two components; First, is the structural component that how information technology of an organization performs activities to support the goals of an organization. And the other component is: natives who help to handle those activities. (Shuptar, 2012) Why do we need IT Governance? We need IT governance because it is used to manage the available resources with policy of an organization, to achieve goals of an organization.

 IT governance is used to manage IT. And an Effective IT management can lead to the success of the business. IT governance is used to d3efine a roadmap to the organization that will define the current status of an organization to its chief members and also define how available resources can be utilized in an efficient way to achieve its goal. Governance will define decision making rights – who will take decisions and under which conditions. (Chavira) In which historical context does IT governance become important? Who is in this area? During 1980s, in IT industries resources were not fully utilized. Because at that time, management activities were not so much efficient. Then need of governance was realized which define the strategic alignment of business policy. Governance is used to define the decision making rights and for effective management of available resources. And communication was not efficient at that time because it consumes a lot of time of employees. And also from the evolvement of Internet, public infrastructure became widespread. And to manage broad services importance of governance was realized. Therefore, then governance was used to manage how these problems can be solved to achieve the goals of organization. IT is almost used in every area like colleges, universities use IT techniques to teach their students. Banks, Corporate sectors, hospitals etc. use IT techniques in their work. There are five main areas that need focus: 1. Strategic configuration: It can be defined as linkage of business and It so that they work together to accomplish goals of organization within less cost. 2. Value Delivery: It is used to ensure that IT delivers best and efficient products to its customers that satisfy their needs. 3. Managing Resources: It is used to efficiently utilize the available resources. And resources can be effectively managed if staff is skillful. 4. Risk Management: It is used to define risks and also to define that, at what extent risk can be avoided. And what are the ways to prevent, avoid and overcome risks. 5. Performance Measures: It is used to put more emphasis on the performance of organization as well as on the performance of products delivered by the organization. Why IT Governance is important or not important? IT governance is essential in IT organizations. Because governance provide decision making framework and also a set of processes that allow CIOs and supervision to coherent preferred results through programs that facilitate the association to achieve the required outcome. It may be happen that governance is not required for small level of organizations where less number of workers does work. But for Large IT organizations governance is essential to achieve success in achieve their goals and to attain a big ratio in the IT sector. (Shuptar, 2012) (Tiglias, 2014) How technologies such as CobiT, BSC and other control and management systems could support IT governance? Cobit can support IT through Service Level Management (SLM) and Service Level Agreement (SLA). SLA is an agreement among the service provider and SLM is the implementation of services mentioned in the SLA. CobiT (Control Objectives For Information and Related Technologies) delivers for 34 IT processes their equivalent sophisticated management targets and organization guiding principle, together with their development models and their scorecards in the form of main purpose indicators and performance indicators. And the development models and scorecards facilitate organizations to apply an IT Governance configuration. The CobiT management objectives can also facilitate to maintain IT Governance in an enterprise. 

The management objectives of the “Assist and advise IT customers” process consist of establishing a help desk, registration of the queries of customers, and resolve customer problems and also analyze current trends. These sophisticated management objectives can be established with the use of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) of Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (UK). So, CobiT explains what is to be performed and ITIL specify how it is to be performed. BSC (Balanced scorecard) and other control management systems can also support IT through SLA and SLM. BSC follows the concepts that evaluation of an organization should consider customer satisfaction as measure point rather than conventional economic measures. And skillful workers and tools should be available to deliver valuable and service level information within time. IT management responsibilities and authorities are linked with service levels.

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