What is the incident or circumstance



Identify five examples of circumstances/instances throughout a hypothetical placement in a social care service setting where a social care worker might (hypothetically) be at risk of someone taking a legal action against them under the following headings:

1. Professional Negligence
2. Equality Law
3. Contract Law

Each example must address one or more of the three areas of law listed above.  All of the three areas of law must be addressed at least once.

Each example should identify the following:

a. What is the incident or circumstance
b. What area(s) of law above are relevant
c. Explanation as to how or why actions or behavior of social care worker could lead to a legal action.


The word count for the assessment is 1,500 words.  A 10% deviation above or below the word count is acceptable

The deadline for submission is Friday 12th February 2021 at 2pm via Turnitin. 

Referencing in accordance with IT Carlow policy ‘Credit where Credit is Due’ should be used for part c. of your examples, where appropriate.

This assessment accounts for 40% of your overall marks in this module.

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