What is the source of all environmental problems?

political science


What is the source of all environmental problems? Define political environmentalism and free-market environmentalism. What is the difference in the two? What is the correlation between economic growth and environmental quality? What examples are given? Describe the premise of political environmentalism. What are the problems with political environmentalism? The authors have a quotation from Pigou on page 27. In the quotation, what is Pigou’s opinion on the government’s ability to find the right “price” for an externality? What are the characteristics of property rights that need to hold true for bargaining to find an efficient outcome? According to the authors, what are the three main sources of property rights? What did the Clean Air Act of 1990 do to create a new form of property right? How is the political management of federal lands a zero-sum game? Compare the effectiveness of Federal land protection agencies to state-based land protection agencies. Which is more cost-effective? Why?

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