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The future of server administration

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For this assignment, you will need to prepare an 800-word paper on the future of servers and virtualization. You are expected to use APA format for your paper and works cited (title page and abstract are not required). You are expected to cite any sources you use in your paper. Any source citation over two sentences should be indented to set it apart. No more than 20% of your paper should quotations. For subject matter I will provide a list of the possible topic you could cover, they are in no way required.

  •  major changes in the industry in the past five years 

  • expected changes in the next ten years 

  •  companies that are considered to be on the leading edge of the server or virtualization market, what are they doing that is different 

  •  trends that are expected to die in the new future 

  •  the barriers to market entry for newcomers 

  • the challenges for existing players in the market to maintain market share and grow 

  • the impact of mobile growth 

  •  the impact of China 

  •  security considerations for the future 

  •  the future of open source in server os, software, and virtualization

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