What is the need or challenge of the organization



What is the need or challenge of the organization? What are potential ways to address that need or challenge? How can it be improved? What are three innovative technologies that can be used to address the needs of the organization? How do the technologies address the need? b) Assessment: What is the cost? What does implementation involve? Who/what will benefit? Which stakeholders will be affected by a new technology adoption? What supports for implementing new technology will be necessary for stakeholders? Is this a cost-effective solution? What phase in the technology life cycle is the technology chosen in? What would be the ideal timing for adopting this particular technology? b) Based on the current or projected life cycle of the technology, determine the possible timelines of adoption that could be implemented. Which adoption timeline will best fit the needs of the organization? Be sure to provide details to support your choices. c) What variables affect the timing and implementation of new technologies? What processes can be put in place to ensure smooth adoption?

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