What is Utilitarianism



In a sentence, capture the point of Moore’s passage here against Mill and his so-called claim that some desires are superior in quality, or type, than others. Do not bring up other points Moore makes in other parts of this reading. Please confine your answer to only this passage.

"It will be seen that Mill’s test for one pleasure’s superiority in quality over another is the preference of most people who have experienced both. A pleasure so preferred, he holds, is more desirable. But then, as we have seen, he holds that “to think of an object as desirable and to think of it as pleasant are one and the same thing”... He holds, therefore, that the preference of experts merely proves that one pleasure is pleasanter than another. But if that is so, how can he distinguish this standard from the standard of quantity of pleasure? Can one pleasure be pleasanter than another, except in the sense that it gives more pleasure?'

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