What possible solutions to workplace issues should you be aware



Part A

1. What possible solutions to workplace issues should you be award of for the prompt

resolution of these issues? (5marks)

2. How can you establish rapport?

3. Fill in the table for remedial action with your own examples.(15marks)

Issue Level Area Finding Remedial action Time Frame

4. Give some tips for networking introductions.(5 marks)

5. Give some ideas for maintaining relationships through networking. (5 marks)

6. Name four important leadership skills. (4 marks)

7. How can you help to ensure confidentiality? (5 marks)

8. What is Eisenhower’s urgent vs important principle and give an example of how you

can use it?

Park B

1. Create an employment satisfaction survey. (10 marks)

2. Research the best practice guidelines for recruiting using this website:


Give a summary of what it covers. (10 marks)

3. Draw a diagram to represent the Lewis model of cultural types. (5 marks)

4. What tools can you use to keep track of your workforce and their networking

opportunities? (5 marks)

5. How are employees protected against workplace bullying and unfair dismissal? (10


6. How can you identify conflict in the workplace? Do you have any processes at work

to help you manage this conflict? ( if not explain what processes could be

introduced) (10 marks)

7. What is milestone and what are the responsibilities surrounding different

milestones? (10 marks)

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