What privacy concerns have been raised with the increasing use of RFID tags

computer science


In addition to your textbook, do some outside research to answer these questions. Do not limit your research to just one isolated area in the chapter being covered. Each question counts 25 points each. To receive full credit, you must have at least one outside the textbook reference per question. Mark your reference within your answer of each question. List all your references at the bottom of the test. Be sure to identify and answer all the sub-questions. The approximate length of your answers must be at least one-half of a page per question.

Chapter 5 – Questions:

1. What privacy concerns have been raised with the increasing use of RFID tags? How are RFID tags being used to return pets to

owners? Discuss!

2. Explain the difference between an opt-in policy and an opt-out

policy. Discuss!

Chapter 6 – Questions:

3. Give two examples of data mining programs run by governments.


4. Give two arguments in favor of a national identification card for the United States. Give two arguments against creating a national

identification card. Discuss!

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