What you will demonstrate : Ability to break a problem down into smaller problems

computer science


JProject 4 - Images and Classes

What you will demonstrate

1. Ability to break a problem down into smaller problems

2. Ability to write a basic class and do basic image manipulation

3. Ability to represent solutions as combinations of blocks, conditionals and loops

4. Ability to write Python code to implement your solutions

5. Ability to use good programming style

What you will produce

YoulI define a class that includes some image manipulation methods, then youll use that class to

manipulate an uploaded image and create a collage of repeated images. The collage will be grid of an

original image modified niutiple times.

The class lmageSpecial wdl have the following methods (at a minimum); a constructor (that accepts

an Image object and makes a copy as an instance variable: set_background (which accepts an rgb

tuple and sets transparent pixels to the parameter value): remove_color (which accepts a color name

(‘red. “greene or ‘blue) and sets that color value to O for all pixels.

Instruction Files

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