Wheat on College is ending health care coverage for more than 700 undergraduate and graduate students



Wheat on College ends coverage amid fight against birth control mandate July 28, 2015 Wheat on College is ending health care coverage for more than 700 undergraduate and graduate students, about a quarter of the student body, to avoid complying with the Affordable Care Act's contraceptive rules. (Antonio Perez, Chicago Tribune) By Many a Brachear Pashman Chicago Tribune contact the reporter No more health insurance, Wheaton tells students Taking a firm stand against Obamacare's controversial contraception mandate, Wheaton College on Friday will stop providing any health insurance for students. The decision, announced to students July 10, will halt health care coverage for about a quarter of the college's 3,000 undergraduate and graduate students, forcing them to shop for other plans just weeks before their coverage ends. One of the most hotly debated elements of the Affordable Care Act has been the requirement for insurance plans to include base coverage for birth control. Wheaton College was among dozens of Christian nonprofits, as well as businesses such as Hobby Lobby, that argued the mandate was an assault on religious freedom. The college appears to be one of the first to move its protracted legal battle from the courtroom to campus. Wheaton College in suburban Chicago says it will stop offering health insurance plans to students to avoid providing birth control coverage mandated by the Affordable Care Act. (WGN-TV)

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