Which province has the better utilization and why? Compare to overall for Canada. Create graphs in Excel to show your analysis and provide a Word document describing your analysis.



HIMII-27 (week 79) Utilization Management Assign.

Under the Assignments section you will find an Excel resource. This is your source data needed for the assignment.

1.       Click on the “PCE_resultsen 2010-13” file and an Excel spreadsheet will open.

2.       On the Excel spreadsheet, click on the Fiscal Year field down arrow, select 2010 only

3.       Click on the Jurisdiction field, select the following:

o    Ontario

o    Quebec

o    Alberta

o    Manitoba

o    Canada


4.       Click on the CMG field, select the following:

1.       CMG 163 Major Cardiothoracic Intervention with Pump (18-59 years)

2.       CMG 164  Major Cardiothoracic Intervention without Pump (18-59 years)


5.       Sort the data by 1) CMG & 2) Jurisdiction.

6.       Copy and paste (values and number formats) this data into a new Excel file.

7.       Save this file for Fiscal 2010-11.

8.       Click on the Fiscal year field, choose 2011 only.

9.       Ensure the other fields you changed and the sorting remain the same.

10.   Save the file for Fiscal 2011-12 (same as step 6).


 Analyze the 4 provinces by comparing:

1)      The Estimated Average cost

2)      Average Acute LOS

3)      Volume of Typical Cases

4)      2 CMGS -please describe the CMGs –on PUMP and without PUMP what does this mean.


Which province has the better utilization and why?  Compare to overall for Canada.  Create graphs in Excel to show your analysis and provide a Word document describing your analysis.  As part of the Excel document – there should be a “Readme” tab that describes the criteria and the source.

Please provide the necessary details/labels in your graphs – such as titles, legends, etc.

Note:  Estimated Average Cost.  Cost comes from the financial costs reported to CIHI from each of the hospitals within the province.


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