Why did Theranos ultimately fail? Describe the causes that led to the scandal and ultimately the demise of Theranos.





Assignment #1 : 10%




v  The objective of the assignment is to review a real life scenario of leadership and ethics and analyze factors that contributed and led to the demise of the organization as a result of the behaviour and actions of the leader. Students will also evaluate and assess what they might do differently in this situation as well as understand the significance of ethics and moral responsibility of leaders.


·         View the following documentary Theranos: The Inventor (approximately 2 hours)



·         Then work with a partner to answer the following 5 questions listed below. Please provide specific examples for all your answers. You can refer to your text as well as lectures and other sources for your responses. Remember to cite all your sources.


·         Your assignment should be approximately 5 pages long. In addition, it should also include a cover page and a bibliography.


·         Use Arial 11pt font; 1.5 spaced.



1.    Provide a brief, high level summary of the case (5)

2.    Who are the key players in this case? Identify all stakeholders that were complicit or contributed to ongoing unethical behaviour in this case (10)

3.    Describe Elizabeth Holmes leadership traits and personality. How did they impact and influence employees at Theranos? Explain (10)

4.    What factors influenced Elizabeth Holmes unethical behaviour? (Refer to pages 52-54 in the text to help answer this question) (10)

5.    Why did Theranos ultimately fail? Describe the causes that led to the scandal and ultimately the demise of Theranos.  (10)

6.    If you were a leader at Theranos, a) what would you have done to avoid a breach of ethics and ultimately a scandal? b) discuss the significance of ethics in leadership and its impact on an organization and its employees. (15)



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