Why /How is this going to affect global stability?

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10 pages, double space. 12 font, Time new roman plus appendices and image etc.

  Due date:  15th of Dec 2019.


You have been engaged by United Nations to evaluate the timing and impact of critical global trends that require U.N. action.

What would you identify as the three main trends requiring U.N. action?  Analyze them in the following context:

·        Why /How is this going to affect global stability?

·        What actions should the U.N. take to accelerate or mitigate the impacts from these global trends?



My Thought process are below three main trends required U.N action:   See this link: https://www.un.org/en/sections/issues-depth/global-issues-overview/

1.       Climate change.

2.       Health or water.

3.       Ending poverty. 

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