Windows Server Deployment Proposal

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Windows Server Deployment Proposal
Prepare a proposal to deploy Windows Server onto an existing network, based on a provided scenario. The proposal will include deployment, security policy, application and data provisioning, monitoring, and continuity plans. Please see the Assignment folder for more detailed instructions. 
All written papers and projects are required to be submitted to the Turn-it-In service, by the student.

Design choices are explained and are reasonable.
Technical information is reasonably accurate.
Any specific technical information is based on research/textbook as appropriate.
Assumptions are identified/described.
The overall design is “unified” (limited inconsistencies).
Explanation of business/technical reasons for decisions provided
All of the topics are addressed to a reasonable depth.
The paper includes a sufficient level of technical detail.
Paper provides manpower/scheduling estimates
Submission is organized logically.
Ideas are presented coherently.
Writing style is appropriate.
There are very few errors in grammar or spelling
16 points
Formatting requirements met.
Paper length requirements met.
At least one diagram used.
Title page provided
Any external sources were cited/quoted.
Citations and quotations used appropriately.
APA format followed properly for citations.
At least one non-textbook, non-LabSim, non-Wikipedia resource referenced
Those are the grading rubbric.
And the proffessor wants it to look professional "Please re-read the Assignment document and cover the requirements. This is a proposal to an executive, trying to sell your services. Make it professional in appearance. Demonstrate what you learned"

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