Ch. 15-18 of Visualizing Environmental Science and Episode 4 of Games cape: Controlling Energy Systems Complete Episode 4: "Controlling Energy Systems" of Games cape.

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Ch. 15-18 of Visualizing Environmental Science and Episode 4 of Gamescape: Controlling Energy Systems Complete Episode 4: "Controlling Energy Systems" of Gamescape. Imagine that you are preparing a 350- to 700-word letter for a time capsule for your great-great-grandchildren, which explains the long-term energy sustainability plan that you developed in Episode 4 of Gamescape. Include the following points: Briefly describe the nation's current energy situation, reliance on oil, and renewable energy sources available. Discuss some challenges that our nation faces with managing our energy resources and how these challenges have affected you personally. Describe the sustainability plan you developed in Episode 4 of Gamescape. Identify two strengths and two weaknesses in this plan. How can you address these weaknesses? Present three ways in which you hope our nation will educate people on renewable resources and wisely managing our fossil fuel supply. 

 Close with one key message that you want your great-great-grandchildren to understand how our current society has managed energy sources and their environmental effects. Include the Episode Score Report that you generate once you complete the activities from Episode 4. The report is generated in PDF format. Develop a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes in which you evaluate the effects of waste products and fossil fuels on the environment. Include the following items: Select two waste products and two fossil fuels. Describe the effects of your selected waste materials on soil and water quality. Explain how your selected waste materials and fossil fuels affect biological diversity in the environment. Discuss the methods available for the disposal of waste materials. Determine the method of waste management you would recommend for the proper disposal of your selected waste materials.

 Provide an explanation for your recommendation. From your evaluation of fossil fuels, recommend at least two alternative energy resources that could replace your selected fossil fuels. Explain the advantages and disadvantages for the environment of using these alternative energy resources. Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

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