wired/wireless network Assignment

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Scenario: Your team is hired by a start-up Internet firm to build a hybrid wired/wireless network from the ground up. They are moving into an empty 2-story, 2000 square-foot office with no set configuration, although they are bringing with them 2 servers, a router, switches, a firewall, and 50 clients (Windows 7), 6 printers, and 4 scanners. The new office includes a 300 square-foot outside work area. They are asking for your advice on how to build out their offices.

From the information we have, this is what I think. With the 2 story building, we can split the users 25 top floor 25 bottom floor for the pc's. For printer, we put 3 top floor and 3 bottom floor. For scanner we put 2 top floor, 2 bottom floor. The 2 servers, router, firewall should be on the bottom floor which will be in a separate room from all the users. Since there is an outside work area, I think it should be used for laptops and mobile devices only. Having the server on the bottom, it would have better signal for wireless if we use wireless as well.

Draft a logical diagram in Visio®. Include the IP address schema. Unlike a physical diagram, this diagram should show routing information, traffic flows, and the subnets. Additionally, you should consider the network segmentation. Make sure to include the wireless network and how it is integrated into the wired network. This diagram will be included in the final Week Five deliverables.

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