Workforce diversity Introduction



1. When scoping workforce diversity, why should you:

Establish the nature of diversity in the industry sector, community and workplace

Qualify and quantify the sources of diversity in the industry sector, community and


Research and identify the benefits of having a diverse workforce

Identify and analyse legislation, regulation and enterprise policy that impacts on

workplace diversity

Research and identify opportunities and barriers to inclusive engagement?

2. When integrating diversity into workplace operations, why should you:

Develop and review workplace policies, procedures and planning in accordance with

the scope of diversity

Establish where diversity integration meets the needs of the enterprise and diverse


Review existing policies, plans and procedures to identify areas where diversity can

achieve positive impact.

Monitor and review workplace processes to guide implementation?

3. When implementing diversity across the workplace why should you

Consult with management and teams to champion the diversity implementation

Ensure work teams incorporate diversity processes into work activity

Establish and enable enterprise and individual support processes

Provide for training and coaching in diversity implementation

Promote and model inclusive behaviours?

4. When reviewing and evaluating diversity in the workplace, why should you:

Conduct regular reviews of diversity integration with relevant persons

Evaluate workplace diversity against workplace policies, procedures and planning


Identify and recommended improvements to diversity integration?

(3 marks per bullet point)

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