Workplace Issue Problem assignment help



  1. Read the assigned case in Beauchamp write about it. Briefly describe the problem it presents.
  2. Come up with a solution to the ethical problem presented in the case, and use utilitarian ethics to argue in support of your solution.
  3. Come up with one good objection and then defend your argument against it.

The following rules apply to all short case analysis essays:

Length: 750 words minimum

Format: 1-inch margins, in a font no smaller than 12 point Times New Roman, double-spaced, with page numbers on the bottom right of each page. No cover sheet is required for these essays. Put your name and other relevant identifying information at the top of the first page.

Sources: All essays submitted in this class must include appropriate source citations and a complete list of sources cited; your list of sources cited is not included in your word-count requirement. You may use APA, MLA, or Chicago as the style guide – check with the instructor for his/her preference.

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