Write a brief report on the communication process in your organisation.



Please find the question for Business communication.                                          40 marks

1.Write a brief report on the communication process in your organisation. You can start with defining the role of business communication in your organisation. Also write about the role of Kinesthetics in bringing effectiveness in communication in your organisation."


2.      As a customer service manager write a letter responding to a customer complaint regarding poor customer service in the Big Bazaar Super Center in M.G.Road.

3.    Many new recruits are joining your company, which is on an expansion path. This growth means that several officials have to travel to introduce the company to the new batch of employees. You feel that a video about the company would do the job. Write a letter to your manager about the advantages and disadvantages of using a video to showcase the company to the new employees and how it can help reduce the cost.

4.     There has been a lot of negative news floating around in the media about your company. When you contact the PR team, it blames the marketing department, mentioning that the latter does not pass on information in time. The marketing department says it lacks the time and resources to be more proactive. In addition, employees are using every possible avenue to write blogs, bringing disrepute to the company. What are the corrective measures that you will take?

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