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Unit 1 and 2 Individual Assignment: Individual Strategic Plan

In this step of your Units 1 and 2 Individual Assignment, you will formulate a broad strategy for You Inc. using the concepts in the course texts. Your strategy should focus on how you will create a Strategy Canvas for yourself that will separate you from your competitors, meaning the others you will be competing with in the working world of the future. You will want to think of how you will create value by making it less costly or otherwise more advantageous, to employ, or contract with you (ideally using efficiency rather than simply a compensation reduction) and adding additional, unique value to what you do. Refer to Figure 1–3, pp. 18 in Blue Ocean Strategy for guidance on thinking about how to create your own personal Blue Ocean Strategy. Use the accompanying templates to create your Strategy Canvas, Four Actions Framework, and Balanced Scorecard. Be sure to use each template, add them to the appendices, and write about your findings in the body of your text.

Again, please make a note that the Unit 1 and Unit 2 Assignments are designed as a personal strategic plan. This means you will be doing your plan on yourself and your future. This is not designed to be a strategic plan on a business, even if you own it. Personal strategic plans deal with planning the future for your family, your education, your employment, and/or your political ambitions; anything that will impact you personally.

Select the Rubric Icon to read complete detailed instructions on what you will need to complete and submit for the Unit 1 and Unit 2 Individual Assignments. Also, select the Resources icon to download the templates needed for successful completion of the Assignments.

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Please add your Unit 2 Assignment to the Unit 1 Assignment, and submit as one document to the Unit 2 Assignment Dropbox.

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