International Marketing at the Mayo Clinic



Assignment: Case: International Marketing at the Mayo Clinic

1.  Gain familiarity with the case situation.  This can be accomplished by reading the case several times.  Read the first time to appreciate the general story before you begin to form conclusions or make an analysis.

2.  Define the issue or problem.  To make an analysis or recommendation, one must first determine what the issue or problem is.  As in the real world, note there may be more than one problem in a case study analysis.  (You can appreciate the importance of this step if you ever took your car in because it was running rough and paid for several repairs because the mechanic didn’t correctly diagnose the problem in the beginning.

3.  Conduct your analysis.  What are the possible causes of the problem or issue?  What alternatives are possible given the facts presented?  This is the most time-consuming step, and the step with the greatest variation. There may be many possibilities.  It might be helpful to list all the solutions you can think of before focusing on the most useful or valid.  There is not necessarily a right answer, but there may be several alternatives that lead to varying outcomes.  The quality of analysis will depend upon the application of theory learned in the classroom and through research. 

4.  Make recommendations.  Choose the recommendation you believe to be the best, justify it, and develop it.  Recommendations may be made in the form of an action plan to solve the problem or issue.  Or, recommendations may involve the choice of the best alternative for resolving the issue or problem. Recommendations made must be thoroughly developed and supported. 

Write a Full 3 pages of text with at least 3 references in APA Format.

Policy: you must use peer-reviewed articles to support your research, in APA Format. No Wikipedia, BLOGS with ads from or, as they present a biased opinion.

Safe Assign is a plagiarism detection software that is integrated with the Submit Assignment. All written assignments submitted to the Submit Assignment will be automatically analyzed and a report generated. So Do Not Copy, and Look for grammatical and usage errors, as well as for spelling mistakes. 

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