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Write a C program called separator.c that:
 Lets the user safely enter a string.
 Then parses that string into a linked list of smaller strings.
 The smaller strings come from the strings between the commas in the string the user entered.
For example, if the user types:
Then the program should separate it into 7 strings:
And then:
— Save the sequence of strings as a linked list.
— Print the linked list.
— free()’s the linked list.
Sample output:
$ ./separator
Please enter a line of text: Mary,had,a,little,lamb
$ ./separator
Please enter a line of text: ,, ,,
“ “
$ ./separator
Please enter a line of text: 12345,1234,123,12,1, ,
You must put your strings in the following C (not C++) list node:
struct Word
char* textPtr_;
struct Word* nextPtr_;
NOTE: you may only use the following C string functions (of course you will not need them all):
printf(), fprintf(), malloc(), calloc(), realloc(), free(), fgets(),
snprintf(), strncpy(), strncat(), strncmp(), strdup(), strlen() and strchr()
HINT: I recommend writing 4 functions:
— struct Word* obtainCommaSeparatedList (const char* string)
— void printCommaSeparatedList (const struct Word* list)
— void freeCommaSeparatedList (struct Word* list)
— int main() (of course!)
— To get rid of the annoying \n char that fgets() adds to the end of entered strings, do something like:
char* cPtr = strchr(line, '\n');
if (cPtr != NULL)
*cPtr = '\0';
— Have a char* variable (e.g. charRun) that starts at the beginning of the next string (e.g. start).
Advance charRun to the next comma or null character (noting it may already be at one). Then use pointer
arithmetic to determine how many chars separate the two (Charron - string)
— To make a new heap-allocated struct Word node, say:
struct Word* to return = (struct Word*)malloc(sizeof(struct Word));

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