Write a poem in response to one of the videos you viewed - Paul Taylor, Garth Fagan, or Trisha Brown.



Write a poem in response to one of the videos you viewed - Paul Taylor, Garth Fagan, or Trisha Brown.  You can write about anything that was sparked by watching  that video: feelings, memories, concepts, dreams, images, revelations--or you can write a poetic description of what you saw. The poem should have this format:

Write one 12 - line poem using the following formula:

Line 1--Two words: adjective and noun
Line 2--Three words: first word must be an --ing word
Line 3--Four words: one must be a color
Line 4--Three to four words: one must name a place
Line 5--One word: must represent a sound
Line 6--Three words: one must name an animal
Line 7--Four to five words: must give a sense of weather
Line 8--Two to three words: must give a sense of time
Line 9--Three to five words: must convey emotion
Line 10--Three to four words: prepositional phrase
Line 11--Three to five words: one must name part of the body
Line 12--Two words (any words)

Videos link 

Paul taylor 


Garth Fagan Dance


Trisha Brown Dance


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