Write a R function that uses the Olympic database to print out the names



 Write a R function that uses the Olympic database to print out the names 
# of all athletes that won medals of choice in an Olympic sport. The printout  
# provides the name of the athletes, the year of the  Olympics, the medal achieved
# the sport and the country of their origin.
# You are limited to using conditional and control flow methods (if statements, loops, 
# logical and relational operators). You cannot use the tidyverse technique in this task.  
# Turn your algorithm into a function so that we can use it for other sports and 
# any of three medals (Gold, Silver or Bronze).  The function should have three or less
# arguments.

# Hints: 
# 1) Cut the data frame down in size (less rows) to practice on a smaller 
#       set of inputs; 
# 2) Create a script that works for say (sport = "Cycling" and medal = "Gold");
# 3) Once it works, wrap the script into a function syntax;
# 4) Make the sport and medal functional arguments;
# 5) You could import the data frame within the function;
# 6) Within the function, consider using the "which()" function that results in 
#       an index for selecting rows (that is, the sport and medal of choice);
# 7) Perhaps use a "for loop" that will iterate through the index.  This can help 
#       to identify other elements in the same row (i.e., name of athlete, year, country); 
# 8) Use the print(paste()) combination to print out your results.  
# 9) The function should work when the data and the script are in the same folder;
# 10) Of course, there are many ways that will work to create this output. Please don't
#       be shy to use your own creativity!   

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