Write the following programs using C language

computer science


Programming:  Write the following programs using C language. Each program should date of creation on the top (use comments). Write a clear and properly indented code and use comments properly.

1. Simple if statement program. [5 points]

2. Read from a file and do computation and write the output to a file. [5 points]

3. Write a program that computes the factorial or the power with the use of functions. [5 points]

4. Write a conversion program. (e.g. kilos to pounds, feet to inches, UK pounds to us dollars). The program must have different functions for:

a. input.

b. conversion

c. output [5 points]

5. Write a program that creates a two-dimensional array and prints a specific output. [5 points]

6. An array of Strings (creation, manipulation). [5 points]

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