Written Document: Format your written materials professionally (APA style is fine) with attention to detail and proper citation.



Financial Strategy Assignment


For this assignment you will critically examine the budget or financial situation of your selected entity or industry sector, and provide dialogue, discussion and analysis. You should choose from scenarios provided below. If there is another item you would like to investigate outside of these, please email us. You will prepare a 3-5,000 word report, with tables, figures and a strong logical framework. Paralleling this you will narrate / record and post a 5-minute PowerPoint presentation online for discussion and dialogue.


Final Assignment Exemplars

Some examples from past org assessments are attached, so please use them to guide you writing your Financial Strategy Assignment.




Written Document: Format your written materials professionally (APA style is fine) with attention to detail and proper citation. Web references require the URL, author, date, title of the webpage, as well as the date you accessed the material. Papers with missing or incomplete references risk not receiving full credit. In your presentation, you are strongly encouraged to use visual augmentation in your written work (charts, diagrams, tables that elaborate or elucidate your argument). Do not use copyright protected images or material from present or past employers that would be considered proprietary, confidential, company sensitive, or trade secret. A good place to start for creative commons / copyright free images is http://www.unsplash.com. 

Presentation Making: We will use online presentation to promote time discipline as well as classroom equity. Use Powerpoint to record your PPT and upload it (or the link to it) to the discussion board. Your presentation should be 5-6 minutes long and posted for your classmates to view on the discussion board. After posting review at least two of the presentations of your classmates, using the links or files posted on this discussion board. Ask questions, provide discussion and feedback under the applicable VoiceThread presentation link on the discussion board. Remember: Post your original presentation, offer discussion/feedback on at least two of your classmates' presentations.





1.    Parking has long been an economic driver for many cities, with revenue providing subsidization for many urban services. In recent years, with the advent of ridesharing and less people traveling, this revenue has declined. This revenue is only anticipated to decline further as these trends accelerate and automation becomes more prevalent. How can cities project revenues and expenses in this arena? What strategic actions should cities take to build up transportation income moving into the next 10 to 15 years and find sustainable and socially just transportation solutions?


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