You have been hired by the CFO of Dillard’s Department Store to help with some holiday season data analysis.

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Dillard’s Christmas Dashboard
Undergraduate Version


Tableau Dashboard Rubric
Tableau Dashboard Rubric
Visual Appearance
Is your dashboard visually appealing with respect to color and choice of graphics?
Have you provided the appropriate volume and layout of information to encourage readability?
55.0 pts
Information Displayed
Do you identify appropriate KPIs and display them in a way that “tells a story” for managers?
65.0 pts
Monitor at a Glance
Can managers see key information on one screen? Is it easily interpreted?
Can users interact with your dashboard to get more detailed or filtered information where needed?
35.0 pts
Is your memo convincing and succinct?
Do you speak to the KPIs?
Do you provide clear action steps for the managers to use to improve based on your data?
70.0 pts
Total Points: 225.0

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