Your ePortfolio will consist of three separate tasks relating to legal considerations and business practice.




Your ePortfolio will consist of three separate tasks relating to legal considerations and business practice. During your three tasks, you will be required to gather together a range of items, e.g. examples and reflections. There will be SEVEN items in total in your ePortfolio.

The first task is to conduct an analysis of two examples of your choice showing the role of law in contemporary New Zealand society. The second task will consist of three examples chosen from a list of four business scenarios provided. And the third task is to conduct an analysis of two examples of your choice showing the role of economics in contemporary New Zealand society,

Tasks 1 and 3 are marked out of 20 marks each, and Task 2 is worth 60 marks. This total assessment is marked out of 100 marks and is worth 50% of your overall course mark.

Description of tasks

For full details of each task, select the appropriate heading below.

Task 1: Law in contemporary New Zealand society

This task will constitute TWO items in your ePortfolio.

You are to identify two examples of law in New Zealand society from different types of media or sources and write a reflection for each on the role “law” plays in contemporary New Zealand society.

Your reflections should also briefly compare your examples to highlight the differences between them.

The word guide for each reflection is 500 words. Where appropriate, you should include or attach supporting documents to each artefact in your ePortfolio.

Your examples must relate to the following list of topics. You must have a different topic for each example. The choice of topics includes:

  • Civil and criminal law
  • Private and public law
  • Societal context
  • Law, ethics and morality
  • Treaty of Waitangi
  • Sovereignty of Parliament
  • Separation of Powers

The examples submitted must relate to the nature and sources of New Zealand law. Foreign law issues will only be relevant if they are significant to contemporary New Zealand society.


You may use the same medium (i.e. written, video) for each example but, as marks will be awarded for variety, you are strongly advised to select two different media.

Acceptable sources include:

  • Commentary on a recent case
  • Critique of a government proposal, Bill or Act
  • An extract from a Parliamentary Debate
  • A review (of a text; film; television article etc.) relating to New Zealand law
  • Reflection on a relevant experience of you, a family member or friend
  • Analysis of a marketing document relating to a business law topic
  • An article or commentary relating to New Zealand Law
  • Explanatory notes for a Bill or Act

This list is not exhaustive. As is appropriate to your selected topic, the sources you choose should reflect relevant and current legislation, case law, standards, regulations and acknowledged good industry/business practices.

Your reflections

 For each example:

  • Briefly describe what your choice of example is and what area of law it relates to
  • Note some of the key points about how this affects NZ people or NZ society; and
  • Give your own reflection or thoughts on how and why law and society interact together in relation to your chosen example.

You need to demonstrate how current the example is, it's relevance to your selected topic, and show your own understanding of how this topic relates to or impacts on NZ society.

If you have any doubt whether an example or source is appropriate, discuss with your facilitator before submission.

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